Night of the Living DAC: Escape Room Challenge

Fight the clock and the undead! Search for clues, supplies and weapons in an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Once you've gathered your supplies and weapons (UTM converted AR15 and Glock pistols) and formed an escape plan, fight your way out of the house against undead role players actively trying to eat you. Don't take too long, you only have an hour. Will you survive?

6-10 person groups

$40 per person

See calendar below to reserve your room.



Haunted Shoot House

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 6.51.02 PM.png

Solving puzzles and making plans not your thing? Just want to get some trigger time on some Zombies? We get that. 

We’re Our shoot house will be open 2-10pm Saturday and 12-6pm on Sunday for you and your friends or family to make your way through the hordes. Pick your weapon (AR-15, Glock or M&P pistols) pick your zombies (slow or fast) and try your hand at surviving. Go it alone or work as a team to get all the way through the shoot house bite free as role players actively try to eat you. Personal AR-15 rifles may be used, please notify us ahead of time if you’d like to use your rifle.

Rifle run- $40 per person
Pistol run- $30 per person


Dart Gun Battles

Remember how fun Nerf gun fights were as a kid? Us too.

Keep an eye out on the event calendar for dedicated dart days, we will swap the UTM guns for dart guns and open the shoot house to everyone. Bring your dart gun or use ours, we have multiple models on hand as well as a healthy amount of darts so you can select your own blaster and won't run out of ammo. Watch for these days to show up on the calendar and bring your friends and family for a great time, also watch out for special theme and game days. Available to all ages, younger kids may have a hard time priming the guns though.

Individual Pricing-

$10 includes: eye protection, dart gun of your choice and unlimited darts- 1 hour

Have a group? We have group rates for parties, corporate events and other team building events.

Group Pricing-

$120 includes- up to 15 people, dart guns, eye protection and unlimited darts. Additional people over 15 is an additional $7 per person. We also have a barbecue available to use as well as a fridge for storing food and drinks. Tables and seating for up to 20. - 2 hours