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Carbine: Intermediate

This Course is designed for experienced shooters looking to push themselves and improve on their skills while incorporating advanced tactics and techniques. This course is designed to help you master the fundamentals through stress inoculation in real world scenarios using both live fire on the range, and non-lethal training ammunition (UTM) against live opponents during scenarios. One day will be spent on the range and the other day will be spent on scenarios with live role players using non-lethal training ammunition (UTM)  (16 Hours)


Prerequisite: CFC Carbine Course; OR other approved intermediate carbine course/experience; OR Military / LE experience (within last 10 years).   

Some of the topics covered in this course include:

Weapon Zero

Marksmanship Fundamentals




Effective Use of Cover

Moving and Shooting

Weapon transitions

Engaging multiple threats

Tactical Movement

Live Fire Scenarios

Non Lethal Force on Force Training

Required Equipment:

1 Serviceable Carbine Rifle with sling (Limited Number of rifles may be provided if needed) 

1 Serviceable Handgun (Limited Number of handguns may be provided if needed)

1 Serviceable Retention Holster (Kydex, Polymer or Leather Preferred. You will be moving!)

3 Rifle Magazines (Minimum) 

3 Pistol Magazines

200 Rounds of Factory Rifle Ammunition

100 Rounds of Factory Handgun Ammunition 

Appropriate Magazine Pouches/Carrier (Battle Belt, Chest Rig, Plate Carrier, Similar Carrier) 

Eye and Ear Protection (Soft Ear Protection Available)

Groin protection for Force on Force Scenarios (recommended)

Gloves for Force on Force Scenarios (recommended)

Water/Food (plan on a full range day)

Cost: $400

Earlier Event: October 5
Carbine 1