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Women's Self Defense Series: Part 3- Firearms Manipulation

CFC is proud to present the Women's Self Defense Series at the Defensive Action Center. This fun, interactive four part training program will focus on developing a warrior mindset, firearms safety / introduction to concealed carry techniques, weapon manipulation / employment and realistic self-defense scenarios utilizing UTM Non-Lethal Training Ammunition. 

This course is perfect for any woman, age 14 or older and will help develop critical self defense skills. This four part training series will be conducted November 8th- December 6th. Each session will include two hours of hands on training by currently certified law enforcement or military instructors with years of experience in their respective fields. $125.00 for all four sessions or $50 per individual session.

Part 3: Firearms Manipulation.

The third session will focus on firearms manipulation. Students are encouraged to bring the firearm they intend to carry or are interested in carrying, we will also have a limited amount of demo firearms available to try out. We will discuss how to safely and effectively manipulate your firearm so you are familiar with it in the unlikely event it needed to be used in a self defense situation. We will also shoot UTM equipped Glock Pistols and work through various drills including, loading, unloading, reloading and malfunction clearance drills. UTM non lethal training ammunition is a completely safe alternative to live fire. It also has a lighter recoil and less noise than live ammunition when fired. Perfect for new shooters or those who haven't had positive experiences shooting in the past.