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CFC TacMed Series: Part 1 Mindset/ Priorities

CFC is proud to present the TacMed Series at the Defensive Action Center. This fun, interactive four part training program will focus on developing the warrior mindset necessary to prevail during critical incidents, employment of a concealed firearm during realistic scenario based training and emergency medical treatment of combat/critical incident related trauma with an emphasis on hemorrhage control and care under fire.

The first session will focus on mindset and what it takes to win during and after a critical incident. It’s been said “If you can take a life, you should be able to save a life.” This session will focus on developing the necessary mindset to save lives during a critical incident and will lay out basic priorities of work that have been proven effective in real world Military, Law Enforcement and EMS situations. Learn what MARCH stands for and how it is applied during a critical incident.