Square off against  live opponents.

Challenge live opponents in a real gunfight. Test your skills and gear in the closest thing to an actual gunfight you can safely experience. DAC offers converted AR15s optimally setup for close quarters battle (CQB), converted Glock pistols, as well as the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). Every fight comes with a short brief on basic weapon handling and malfunction correction. Additional reloads are available for purchase to stay in the fight. 

Fight alone or work as a team with up to three person teams.

Pistol fight includes one converted pistol, holster, magazine, PPE, and 30 rounds of UTM marking ammunition.

Rifle fight includes one AR15 rifle or AR15 pistol, magazine, PPE, and thirty rounds of UTM marking ammunition.. 


Gunfighter League
Three person teams battle head to head in a range of scenarios and environments to complete different objections and tasks. Build CQB and teamwork skills in a uniquely challenging environment.



Equipment and Gear 

AR15 rifles are equipped in basic M4 configuration with Eotech holographic sight, Streamlight weapon mounted light, and one thirty round Magpul PMag magazine. Upon approval of range staff, customer provided AR-15 rifle may be converted and used.

Glock pistols available are the full-size model 17 and compact model 19. S&W M&P 9 full size also available. Weapon mounted lights available depending on scenario/environment. Holsters available, personal holster use also allowed upon range staff approval.

Facemasks are provided and use of them is mandatory, no substitutes allowed. Gloves and vests are provided and optional, personal vests, plate carriers, armor carriers, chest rigs and gloves may be used upon range staff approval.


Firefight Rates

$60 fight
$30 reload

$60 fight
$30 reload






Test your skills and gear in the closest thing to a deadly force encounter possible.